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Carpet and Flooring FAQ

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page, where you'll find answers to some commonly asked questions about carpet and flooring. Please call us at (302) 628-9200 or email us at scottfryellc@yahoo.com with any additional questions you may have.
Q: Can temperature and humidity affect my hardwood floors?
A: All hardwood floors can be adversely affected by drastic variations in temperature and humidity although engineered hardwood floors are typically less affected than solid hardwoods. Use of de-humidifiers and humidifiers can lessen the risk of warping, cracking and loosening of your hardwood flooring.
Q: As long as I have a good cushion won't a less expensive carpet wear as well as an expensive one?
A: Use of a carpet pad is recommended for both carpeting and rugs. The cushioning effect of padding will reduce the impact and effects of traffic on the fibers but will not protect the surface of your carpet or rug from degradation and soiling that results from everyday use. Less expensive carpets are generally less expensive because they are made from lower quality or less dense fibers that will not hold up as well or retain their appearance like those used in more expensive carpets and rugs.
Q: How do I remove scratches from my laminate flooring?
A: Minor scratches in your laminate flooring can be repaired using special pencils designed to match the color of your flooring. Your flooring dealer probably stocks the exact pencil you need. For deep gouges you may need to replace the damaged section or fill it with a bonding material. This may require the services of a flooring specialist.
Q: Where should I use unglazed ceramic tile?
A: The use of unglazed ceramic tile is recommended for most exterior applications, shower floors or other areas subject to standing water and for extremely high traffic commercial floors. Impervious porcelain tiles should be used for all exterior flooring where the tiles will be subjected to dramatic temperature changes or standing water.
Q: Is bamboo flooring as strong as hardwood flooring?
A: Strand woven bamboo flooring is much harder and denser than hardwoods. Bamboo flooring is increasing in popularity due to its durability, affordability and the fact that bamboo harvesting has less environmental impact than hardwood harvesting.